Letter to Family and Friends 12.14.20

Good day all,
Below please find important updates about the facility.
  • Covid vaccine:
There is now a Covid vaccine tab on website, with a consent form and information that will be updated as the information becomes available.
  • Covid-19 Positive cases (based on specimen collection date):
Staff — 12/2 Tested positive with no covid-19 symptoms, excluded from work in accordance with NJDOH & CDC guidelines.
Resident – 12/10  Tested positive with no covid-19 symptoms, and will be isolated as per NJDOH guidelines.
  • Testing:
As of Monday 12/14 we end the NJDOH testing pilot which started 12/1.
Staff will continue being tested 2 times a week.
Residents are tested once a week even if there are no new cases in the facility, since community covid numbers are high.
  • Visitation:
Currently visitation is limited to end of life, and compassionate care situations. Essential caregiver visits are not permitted.
For permitted visits we ask that you designate one family member as the visitor to help us minimize the possibilities of exposure.
Window visits are available and are the safest way to visit at this time.
To request a visit please email in advance visit@hudsonviewrehab.com
Rapid covid-19 testing will continue for visitors and others as determined by the facility.
·         Video calls
Video calls (facetime, skype, WhatsApp, etc.) are available to request a call please email call@hudsonviewrehab.com  
Please make sure to join our weekly conference call, which takes place on Wednesdays at 1 pm in Spanish and 2 pm in English.
Your feedback is always appreciated, please reach out with any concerns.

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