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The Dawn of a New Chapter at Riverfront Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

March has been a significant month for Riverfront Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center as we embark on a new journey with Paramount. We've strengthened our community bonds through engaging activities, notable rehabilitation successes, and vibrant celebrations, highlighting our commitment to excellence and compassion. We consider every resident and staff member part of our extended family.

Activities That Bring Us Together

Riverfront Spring High Tea

Our residents had a lovely tea party at Riverfront. Everyone enjoyed fancy teas and yummy treats like sandwiches, Cadbury Eggs, and Reese's. It was a beautiful mix of fancy tea and tasty comfort food, making everyone feel happy and together.


Our residents enjoyed shopping together at the local market, diving into a lively and colorful marketplace. During their outing, the women residents discovered and were treated to beautiful clothes that fit them wonderfully.

Mind-Stimulating Puzzle Fest

At our Puzzle Fest, residents challenged their brains with Sudoku puzzles. It was all about using logic and patience to solve them, and feeling that awesome moment when the puzzle is completed. It was a fun way to get everyone thinking and enjoying time together.

A Taste of New Orleans at Riverfront

Riverfront was alive with the fun and excitement of New Orleans! Our residents entered the party spirit, sharing big, tasty bowls of Jambalaya and sipping on cool, sweet Hurricanes, two of the city's most famous dishes.

Therapy and Rehabilitation Success Stories

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Alvin and Kenny's journey in their physical therapy program showcases the power of personalized care. Utilizing advanced equipment like the OmniVR and OmniStand, Alvin works on dynamic balance and visual skills, while Kenny focuses on enhancing his standing abilities and cognitive functions.

After his above-knee amputation, John McClellan embarked on a rigorous recovery journey with our PT/OT and wound care teams. Congratulations, John, on completing your rehabilitation journey with us. Your dedication and hard work are truly inspiring to us all.

Unity and Care in March


At Riverfront Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, each moment is a chance to show care, celebrate achievements, and strengthen our community bonds. Guided by the principles of Paramount Care Centers, we commit ourselves to fostering a space where every resident is recognized and embraced.

Stay connected for more updates, stories, and information about our events and programs.

Together, we create a family.

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