What You Should Know:

Please join us on the weekly conference call for updates about the facility’s status and Q&A.

  • Call in number is 701-802-5082
  • Access code is 589310
  • Please mute yourself until Q&A.

Calls take place on Wednesdays at 2 PM.

Means of communication are in place and we will work with any family member while this restriction is still in effect. Please feel free to contact the facility if you want to communicate with your family member, you may also email us at

Facetime/Skype video call, we will work with you as much as possible to ease this situation.

  • To schedule window visits please email – you will receive a confirmation with date and time.
  • To schedule permitted indoor visits please email us at, – you will receive a confirmation with date and time.
  • Those permitted to enter the facility will be screened as per state and federal guidelines.
  • Visit our website: for more information and the latest updates.


Questions and Answers:

Q: Are the patients updated about what is going on?

A: Yes, we have resident council, and we are providing daily updates during activities and during 1:1 sessions.

Q: Can a family member visit?

A: No, except for end of life situation, compassionate care, and essential caregiver visits, all visits requests that fall into these categories are being reviewed, and are by appointment only.

Q: Can I take my loved one home?

It is your right do to so. Note that when your loved one returns to the facility they will be considered Patient Under Investigation.

Q: Do you have a time frame for this Virus/Restrictions?

A: No, at this point we don’t have a time frame this is a new worldwide crisis that is likely to continue for a period of time.

Q: Are you testing for COVID-19?

A: Yes, in accordance with NJDOH and CMS guidelines.

Q: How are you dealing with employees and essential vendors?

A: Everyone entering the facility is undergoing a temperature check as they enter the facility, and answering a set of questions recommended by the CDC and CMS.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the administrator at

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation.

Hudsonview Administration

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