Wearable Products to Help Medical Conditions and Shorten Short Term Rehabilitation Time

The Florida International Medical Expo is the largest medical innovation convention in America, with exhibitors from 40 countries showing their latest medical innovations in over 1,200 exhibit booths. These innovations cover every type of ground and help people with disease or overcoming illness shorten their recovery time and their short term rehabilitation.

Innovation everywhere

Many of the products on display where from other countries and haven’t yet made it to the US. most are on their way, awaiting FDA approval, and are hoping to make it to the US market by mid-2020. Each country has its own share of technical innovation that when shared internationally can make a strong difference in how patients are treated. Aside from assisting on overall health improvement, they can also help hospitals conserve important resources for truly lifesaving cases or cases that can’t otherwise be treated.

Products for short term rehabilitation

Oxitone, an Israeli company, has developed an already FDA approved wristband that can shorten patients’ short term rehabilitation time by monitoring stats and allowing patients to go home early. This wonder-wristband monitors pulse, sleep patterns, blood oxygen level, skin temperature, and respiratory signals. The product connects to an app that can be monitored by the patient himself as well as his healthcare providers, allowing them to get alerted to any change in the patient’s situation that might necessitate medical intervention. Oxitone’s CEO, Leon Eisen, said “Hospital or rehab patients can put on the monitor, get connected and go home.”

There were many products that showed promise in the diabetes arena, including an entry from Taiwan called EPSBio that is marketing a “sugarwatch.” This technologically advanced device measures glucose levels and calorie intake, and uploads data to your cell phone. This is a huge breakthrough for diabetes patients, and allows doctors to monitor their condition in real time. The cost is about $300.

A product coming the Czech Republic are blue and yellow light pads that help bruises heal faster. The blue ones are for bruises that are yellow – they decrease the level of bilirubin, making them less yellow. The yellow ones stimulate blood and lymph circulation and promote cell renewal, helping wounds heal faster. These are already sold in Europe. Company CEO Pavel Benes was showcasing his product to plastic surgeons and sports doctors in the US at the Miami convention. They will sell for about $18.

General medical products coming to a market near you

Another Israeli export comes from Sphinx Smarthead Technologies. The handheld device kills lice through a thermal system, knocking them out in about 15 minutes. The device will be sold through Amazon or a private label and will cost approximately $149. 

The Netherlands introduced wearable underwear that helps women overcome incontinence. The device is able to detect leaks and track problems, allowing a supervising doctor to develop an appropriate pelvic exercise regimen. The lifesense group is marketing this ingenious invention under the name Caren, and claim that in most cases, the incontinence is cured in just 8 weeks.

A groundbreaking technology for infants comes from Argentina in the form of a footstrap, which monitors baby’s pulse, heart rate, sleeping position, and temperature. All of this info gets uploaded to the parent’s phone in real time.

Some more of the amazing offerings include a cold device for chemo patients to free them from mouth sores, a new type of wrinkle injection, and specialized wheelchairs and hospital beds that are connected to IoT (Internet of Things.)

While these may seem like the wave of the future, we are bringing in whatever technology we can to Hudson View Rehabilitation Center so our patients can have a quick and comfortable short term rehabilitation experience.

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