Will Wound Care Rehabilitation Be Getting More Advanced Anytime Soon?

Wound care rehabilitation can be an arduous process, considering that many people who undergo it have chronic wounds, which means they never really heal. Even ones that do can take a very long time. Researchers are always working on new methods of wound care rehabilitation to improve the process, make it quicker, and help heal wounds fully.

New advances in wound care rehabilitation

Several medical and bio-technology companies are introducing new products that help wounds heal faster, cleaner, and more effectively.

MTF Biologics is an innovative nonprofit international organization that uses tissue graft donations to help wound sufferers. The organization offers several options depending on the type of wound and the patient’s individual needs. They work with specialists all over the world to develop their products, resulting in state-of-the-art grafts and procedures. Donors offer the skin for the grafts which allows the organization to maintain a large bank of skin to be available and to develop products all the time. Their skin grafts are a unique and effective solution for wound healing.

NASA developed cold plasma, which is used to fight superbugs that can survive almost any type of medication. It keep hospital patients safe from virulent viruses until they are healed. It’s an excellent solution for patients who need wound care rehabilitation, as it keeps the area free from bacteria, which promotes a faster, more effective healing process.

Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine is an entire branch of medical technology that works to promote body’s own ability to heal its tissues. There are many methods that work in regenerative medicine, and many products have already been approved by the FDA. It’s a growing field with exciting possibilities and many advances that are already on the market.

One of the ways it’s given is through regenerative engineering, where shots of cells are given the patient that aid in tissue reconstruction. Stem cells are a type of regenerative medicine, and all of the publicity is because they have been so successful in major tissue reconstruction for patients who are extremely ill.

BioLab Sciences offers regenerative medicine that is winning awards for their product “MyOwnSkin.” It works through a system that uses very small patches of the patient’s own skin, grafted through a non-surgical process. While best known for use in burn victims, it’s also an excellent solution for patients with chronic wounds and ulcers, so they don’t have to suffer through extra surgery to get their own skin grafts.


Telemedicine is becoming a key player in wound care rehabilitation, as in many other areas. There are new apps that allow a facility’s staff to take and send proper images to physicians who can analyze the wound from afar, offering guidance to the caretakers in the facility and managing the care of the patient more effectively. The wound can be supervised in real time whether a doctor is on site or not, and emergencies can be handled in a better, smoother style.

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