Our Short-Term Rehab wing is dedicated to the needs of the subacute patient and features its own gym, lounges, and dining area.

It is well-staffed by an expert rehab team, and patients benefit from a daily rehab regimen that is customized to their specific needs– helping them regain their strength and mobility in as quick a time frame as possible.

To prepare our patients for their eventual return home, our gym is outfitted with a wide range of cutting-edge equipment, including a model kitchen area where patients can practice activities of daily living. We provide comprehensive discharge planning, as well as post-discharge follow-up to prevent rehospitalization.

Our high caliber physical, occupational and speech therapists treat a broad range of diagnoses including:

Bone Fractures

Hip & Knee Replacements

Knee Injuries


Parkinson’s Disease

Heart Disease

Respiratory Conditions

Neurological Disorders

Our Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program addresses the needs of individuals recovering from joint replacement, a fracture, traumatic injury, amputation or spinal surgery. In consultation with our interdisciplinary team that includes therapists, doctors, and a board certified physiatrist, we develop a targeted treatment plan to produce effective results. To get you back on your feet, we focus on restoring physical function and mobility, improving balance, building strength and endurance and optimizing independence.


Our Cardiac Recovery Program, under the leadership of the renowned cardiologist, Dr. Mark Gabelman, utilizes progressive technology and strong fundamental rehabilitation techniques to improve the overall cardiovascular health of patients recovering from a heart attack, heart surgery or other hear condition. The healing process includes daily therapy, exercise training, education on heart healthy living, counseling, and lifestyle modification. During every rehab session, the patient’s cardiac status is continuously monitored for patient safety and maximum effectiveness.


Our Neurological Rehabilitation Program is geared towards individuals who have been debilitated by a stroke, brain surgery. or other neurological condition. Following a patient assessment, our team will develop a customized treatment plan that includes realistic short and long term goals, Special attention is given in the areas of speech and swallowing, and in developing new cognitive and behavioral strategies to compensate for any deficits.


Our Pulmonary Care Program is life-changing for individuals who are dealing with a variety of acute and chronic lung disorders. Under the direction of leading pulmonologists, our full-time respiratory staff delivers a comprehensive arry of respiratory therapy and services including tracheostomy care, oxygen therapy and monitoring, CPAP and BiPAP, nebulizer and aerosol treatment, and Patient/Family education.